The Story

Our Mission

The founder, Craig Davis, has developed wholistic products for over thirty-five years in the skin and hair care industry.  

Our catalog has recently expanded into educational over apparel, Olmec Warrior, along with our therapeutic coloring book under the brand By Human Art.  

Our goal is to provide effective products and services to our local communities in need of natural solutions for mental and physical wellness.  

Our Team

We are proud of our team of dedicated practitioners focused on making a difference in their fields of education, art therapy, on-line technology and entrepreneurship. These concerned citizens are using their expertise to create new job opportunities while expanding a more health conscience society for the next generation of business leaders.   

By Human Design redesigned our business model to provide economic self-reliance to underserved communities. Our team continues to promote well-being across diverse communities while building multi ethnic pride. 

Our Community

In our efforts to help build a health-conscious society with our youth, we found it necessary to connect with our local businesses to create new jobs opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship.  

By Human Design has fostered outreach programs designed to improve the mental, spiritual and financial support the youth living in financially challenged communities in the Los Angeles area.  

Our success over the years has bridged the gap between local businesses and our next generation of adults in the workforce.